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After a lifetime of writing from the back porch, I’m finally hanging my shingle right out front. Which of the world’s problems shall we solve? What stories wait to be told? The coffee’s hot and the sweet tea is a family recipe. Come on in.

I  married my college sweetheart in 1992 , after we both earned our very *practical* degrees: I with a BA in music from Biola University, and he with a BA in French from CSUF. We  spent our early days of marriage in near poverty and loved every minute of it. We invested our hard-earned (student loan) money in studies at Talbot School of Theology, and then graduate degrees in psychology for both of us from Azusa Pacific University. We were blessed with three beautiful children who are now launching into their own adventures in this wide world. 

My journey has taken me from the exciting career of maid service (ask me about folding laundry for a very large NFL linebacker) to delivering babies. I’ve entertained from the grand piano in the Hyatt Regency of Dallas, and played the  pump organ for church services in northern Brazil. We have traveled to the most beautiful beaches in the world, and picked weeds to put food on the table. Life is an adventure. The one common thread through all of it for me, however, is writing. 

In work and in life, I've always found my way back to writing. I created and edited manuals as needed for teams and administrative staff. I was the content and copy writer for websites and newsletters, fliers and emails before I even knew the terms for what I was doing. When I wasn’t writing for work, I was working on stories, poems, books or songs. I am a writer and always have been. I would love to help you put words to your life, your work, your dreams.

I write most often within the context of faith, family, and  personal growth. Seeking health in these specific areas of life has always been my passion. Speaking of passion, I am a believer and follower of Jesus (I saved the best point for last). He is my life, my one true Love. Do you know Him yet? Let’s talk. My door is always open.